Košice Theater at Perón author’s production

September 14, 2019 at 17:00, Košice State Theatre Small Scene

This is a performance about who is really responsible for our problems, how we can (or can’t) solve them together. It’s about them, about you and about us. The play speaks of extremism, about who is really responsible for our problems, about a typical Slovak family that takes in an intern based on a promise they can get money from a grant from the EU. Instead of the new situation improving family relations,it leads to an even greater tension and deepening ofthe rut people are in.


  • Author, director: NA PERÓNE
  • Dramaturgy: Miro Dacho a Miroslav Tóth
  • Direction cooperation: Júlia Rázusová
  • Choreography: Katarína Rampáčková
  • Set designer: Ján Ptačin
  • Costume designer: Diana Strausz, Ľudmila Benková
  • Music: Miroslav Tóth
  • Technical support: Dušan Kopčov, Ondrej Balogh, Palko Matia

CAST: Peter Kočiš, Zuzana Psotková, Jana Wernerová, Michaela Domovcová a.h., Jakub Muranský a.h.

Premiere September 21, 2016