Serenada ensemble classic music concert

September 9, 2019 at 19:00, East Slovak Gallery Historical Hall

The instrumental ensemble ,,Serenada“ started is creative path in 1992. The following profesional musicians perform in this group: Rasa Mikiskiene ( akordion), Ieva Tijuneliene ( viola), Ona Abaryte Liaskoviene ( violin), Sandra Stasiunaite ( soloist). The docent of Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy Kastytis Mikiska, who is playing the national blow instrument birbyne, conducts the group.

The ensemble ,,Serenada“ has prodused a few interesting programmes. They consist of a great variety of different musical pieces: old Lithuanian tunes, harmonised Lithuanian folk songs, pieces composed by Lithuanian composers and arranged popular tunes. During the programme the ffollowing traditional Lithuanian folk instrument are introdused: wooden wind instruments lamzdeliai, skuduciai drums and the rest.

The group ,,Serenada“ is an experienced professional musical ensemble which has given concerts in Poland, Germany, Turkey, Latvia, White Russland. It constantly performs in Trakai for Lithuanian and foreign audience.