Vojtech Löffler Museum in Košice is a significant cultural institution, well-known to the public. The Museum presents the works of young artists, organises workshops, debates and friendly meetings with artists, book presentations and talks. Its ground floor exhibition space and courtyard often host, chamber concerts. The guided tours for visitors, sale of catalogues and other materials promoting the exhibitions and sale of small porcelain copies of sculptures by master Loffler are also provided in the museum.

In 1993, the Old Town of Košice accepted the generous gift of Vojtech Löffler and his wife Klára and opened Vojtech Löffler Museum in the house that the artist left to the city of Košice together with his immensely valuable collection of art. Thus, more than 2000 works of art, including a rare series of 20th century Košice artists’ self-portraits, folk pottery and Löffler’s own sculptures, were made available for the public.

Several generations of artist who played a crucial role in the history of the 20th century art in Košice are represented in this collection of self-portraits, including such names as Konštantín Kövári-Kačmarik, Ľudovít Čordák, Eugen Krón, Konštantín Bauer, Ľudovít Feld, Imrich Oravecz, Július Jakoby, Juraj Collinásy, Alexander Eckerdt, Štefan Roskoványi and Michal Čičvák.