On 9th August 1804, the pope confirmed a division of Eger bishopric with his bull “In universa Gregis Dominici cura.” With this bull, he established and determined borders of Košice and Szatmár bishopric. Košice bishopric, with its seat in Košice, was composed of three former counties, Abaúj, Zemplín and Šariš county. After the both world wars, its boundaries changed as a consequence of change in arrangement. On 14th June 1995, the Apostolic Constitution “Pastorali Quidem” from 31st March 1995 was published. With this Constitution, Holy Father John Paul II established the new Slovak church province with its seat in Košice. Bishop from Košice Alojz Tkáč became the Archbishop and Monsignor Bernard Bober became the auxiliary bishop. Bober has been Košice’s metropolitan bishop – Archbishop – since his Archbishop ordination in June 2010.